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area which could be slowing you moving toward 580 westbound with traffic slow reaching the altamont pass up and over at 25 or 26 minutes and road works to be picked up at 7:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> we follow breaking news from southern california, a massive manhunt is underway if a former los angeles police officer suspected of shooting three officers this morning, one fatally. it happened in riverside county. one lapd police officer was shot and grazed in corona and ten minutes later two riverside police officers were shot. one has died. right now there is a blue alert out in multiple counties, police are looking for christopher jordan dorner, an ex-los angeles police officer and is armed and dangerous. authorities say dorner actually
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threatened to kill law enforcement officials. he is wanted for the weekend murder of a couple in irvine. the woman's victim gas wad a an attorney who vented him as he fought dismissal from the lapd police force and lost. abc7 is tracking the search and will have a live update in the next half hour. >> people would live in the bay area's largest city are having a change of heart for the taxes. arrest cornell bernard tells us from san jose as the mayor is ready for the state of the city address. cornell? >> normally it is a word no one wants to hear but the mayor will make it a big part of the state of the city address. the word is "taxes." the mayor says the city needs a sales tax increase and will call on community leaders to organize a campaign to support police and
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fire services and restore pay for workers who had to take cuts to balance the budget. a poll suggests that voters could be willing to do that. there is 70 percent support if a quarter percent sales increase but 57 percent for half a percent increase. the earliest it would be on the battle is next year, the 5th sales tax measure voters have approved since the mayor took office in 2007. the state of the city address is underway at 6:30 right here at city hall. >> fairfield police are asking for your help in finding the killer of a 13-year-old girl. the guardian for the 13-year-old reported her missing last thursday evening. her body was found friday morning. investigators say an occupy confirms she was murdered and they will not say how.
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people are keeping tightlipped about suspects to avoid compromising the case. she is shown on surveillance video near railroad avenue four miles from where the body was found. >> happening right now president obama is attending the national rare breakfast in washington dc, this morning. the president and first lady arrived an hour ago. here is a live look at what is going on right now. president obama is at the podium. let's listen. >> a journey to our capitol michelle and i are honored to be here. i hope people don't mind me taking a moment of personal privilege, i want to say a quick word about a close friend of mine and yours. >> this is the 61st annual gathering of religious community and political leaders sponsored by the evangelical fellowship foundation and held at the
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hilton international hotel providing a venue for the president to deliver the first major remarks for america's faith community since announcing his support for gay marriage last year. >> also new this morning, boeing is revealing more of the plans to compensate airlines affected by the grounding of the dream liner jet. an executive told reporters this morning in india compensation talks will not be dealt with until after the grounded jets are in service. also today, boeing will perform a test flight from washington dc to texas, to examine the electrical system. the path will take it over the skies of california. >> the post office plans to drop saturday mail delivery could be good for netflix. the move could convince more subscribers could get movies streamed over the internet rather than delivered to the mail box. that is because dvd's used to arrive on friday for the weekend and now are delivered on monday and could reduce the $300
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million a year mailing expenses. >> the san mateo county sheriff is trying to figure out who stole $20,000 worth of checks from a local church. our media partner reports they were stolen last week from a church on cloud avenue. some of stole were checks were from parents and guardians who wrote them for tuition. no suspects have been identified. >> new this morning, san francisco is no longer the top ten for america's most literal cities. the new list released this morning from central connecticut state university ranks number 11 in the nation coming in at number nine last year. at number one was washington dc seattle is at number two, minneapolis at number three, and fourth is pittsburgh. at number five, denver. st. paul, boston atlanta, st. louis, and poverty land -- portland. the factors including newspaper
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circulation, and library resources and educational levels. >> president obama's nominee for c.i.a. director is about do go on the hot seat. the firestorm john brennan will face on hill. >> giving bake their time the bay area students among the top volunteers in the entire world? we will see? >> traffic and weather, together, as we show you the toll plaza where it is backing up at the plaza.
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>> live doppler 7 hd shows healthy radar return near santa rosa and college avenue the corner right there, may have light-to-moderate burst of rain. the rain is tapering back to slight amounts if you go by the dark green on the radar. sprinkles are possible to petaluma and better chance of wet weather from dry creek road and sweetwater with the system to the north, sliding cross the bay area bringing us a chance of rain in the north bay this morning, the rest of us from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. sue? >> back to walnut creek, a good commute but we are seeing a few brake lights around 24 junction
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at north main and no problems here just a little bit of slow traffic and a lot of folks headed out for the morning commute, and beyond lucas valley road headed to san rafael lighted traffic 101 with reports of a ladder in the lane in south 101. slow out of antioch which is common out of highway 4 westbound direction and 12- to 15-minutes at hillcrest over to 242. >> coming up on 6:12. cal is among the top universities in the country for producing peace corps volunteers. numbers released yesterday by the peace corps show 85 alumni volunteers last year tied with ucla for 6th place among large universities. since 1961, mother then 3,500 have volume deared with the peace corps. the schools ahead for 2012 are
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university of washington, the university of florida, tied for first, and wisconsin, madison, was third. and colorado, boulder, and university of michigan, tied for fourth. >> we care! >> a major security breach by iran, ahead the claim that the country is making against the u.s. this morning. >> on the hot seat accusations facing john brennan
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, live doppler 7
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hd showing definite sharp contrast where it is not raining and where it is raining with most of the rain in the northwest corner of sonoma county. rain in the south bay by noon. showers developing in the afternoon but especially the evening and overnight hours when we can get hail and snow to around 2,500' hanging around for the commute tomorrow and we will see increasing sunshine friday afternoon and warmer sunshine saturday and sunday. kristen? >> new this morning iran claims they have footage from a downed u.s. drone, a video showing a man identified as a member of iran iran's military narrated on the situation. iran said they took down the drone in december of 2011 in northeast iran. at time, officials admitted the drone was missing. president obama asked iran to return it.
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>> that comes as confirmation hearings are underway in washington if president obama's nominee for c.i.a. director john brennan is likely to face pressure over his support for drone attacks during the bush administration. the hearings could get heated. >> today we get a rare public look at the secret drone operation, a program president obama has used more than president bush and a program that is under heavy scrutiny. rebound's pick for c.i.a. director could face serious heated from the president's party. this afternoon, democrats will likely demand answers about the use of unmanned drones to attack enemies overseas. brennan is the point person on drones, the man who signed off on the "kill" list. >> i suggest these targeted strikes against al qaeda terrorists are ethical and just.
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>> the use of drones has grown 700 percent under the obama administration. we learned yesterday that america has a secret base in saudi arabia used to launch drones throughout the region. lawmakers will raise questions of a newly discovered justice department document saying american citizens are tied to al qaeda can be killed if "an informed high level official believes the target poses a threat." but you government can do so without clear evidence. advocates disagree. >> that justified essentially a claim that the executive branch can be judge jury and executioner. >> strikes have become controversial. pakistan alone has had 300 drone strikes in the last decade killing thousands of terrorists but, also, more than 300 civilians. the retired general who ran the drone strike program thinks there should be discussion. if the threshhold is too low and we are too casual about it, we will forget how much scar tissue
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we build up in those countries. >> the white house defended the drone program and says it will provide congressional committees with classified information about strikes. >> as you are ready to hold off to work you will need to know if your commute is wet. it depends where you are. >> i want to get to the radar, we will look through the camera and you can see nothing is going on in san francisco as we look south down the embarcardero to the financial district you can see the clouds. i was zooming live doppler 7 hd on petaluma around 1st treat petaluma boulevard south lakeville street and east washington street and petaluma boulevard north you can see the radar where we are seeing the best radar return. as we zoom on out and show you the showers are hanging across the north bay and a sprinkle or two is dropping into marin
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county and headed over to napa county but for the commute this is where the wet weather is going to be through about 7:00 or 8:00. headed to the end of the commute this will head down toward the bay and toward san francisco and oakland but until then you are going to be fine. as far as our temperatures, under the clouds, we are mostly in the low 40's, but upper 30's in redwood city and 48 in san francisco and 47 in oak are the warm spots so warmer than yesterday. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30's and monterey is the exception at 43. today we have rain through the morning hours and showers in the afternoon, and showers become more numerous and powerful in the evening and overnight, with lightning and thunder and small hail and snow to around 2,500' with dry and warmer weather start saturday into sunday. the cold front and trail behind it the one-two bunch bringing
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steady rain this morning and a trough brings us the showers so we will have a chance of thunder and small hail and snow. cold front moving through the north bay at 7:00 by noon, the rain has moved into the heart of the bay and moving into the south bay and by 2:00 it is out and you can see 5:00 we get a break unless you are in the north bay where the scatters showers are developing coming down with this low throughout the evening and overnight hours and tomorrow morning and you can see we had snow in the north bay mountains and anywhere above 2,500 could be a dusting. through friday increasing sunshine and the showers are over for friday evening with up to a third of an inch of rain. if you are caught at the coast, you could get up to a .5" of rain and we have beach hazards as the biggest waves are in the morning today tomorrow and saturday. accweather seven-day outlook low-to-mid 50's today and tomorrow and mid-to-upper 50's
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on saturday and more of us see them monday tuesday and wednesday. >> warning lights are turned on and the car pool and fast track lanes are getting by with no delay but everyone else is backed up behind the first overcrossing and it is looking pretty gook on the upper deck and i do not see too much slowing moving west to the city and get busy on the san mateo bridge the tail lieds are headed to foster city and the high-rise off the causeway and you will find yourself in company looking at 18-minute drive from hayward to foster city and a 30-minute drive from the 580 and 680 junction. the vallejo ferry is a bus again this morning for the afternoon and ferry rides. >> 6:22. new details in a bay area cold case ahead what san francisco investigators have just revealed
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>> getting 100,000 miles in a car is not unheard of, but how about 200,000 miles and beyond. 230,000 right here, thank you. consumer reports is partnered
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some day you will partways. if you are facing a repair that costs more than the car is worth or if the car starts to be unreliable even with frequent repairs, it could be time to say goodbye. you can find more information on making the car last on our website at >> coming up, the new town in the kevin collins investigation in san francisco. >> i am katie marzullo live from the newsroom following breaking news from southern california three police officers have been shot in riverside county. one is dead. a massive manhunt is underway 67 the suspect was wanted for two murders over
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news on thursday morning at
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6:30. we will look at bay bridge live and from san francisco we see clouds. we do not see rain yet but it is entering the region and most of us will get wet today. thanks for joining us. >> just wait. the rain is coming. >> mike? >> live doppler 7 hd, zoomed in on one area with light rain falling from petaluma boulevard south to bodega and western avenue all the areas potentially getting light rain. that is all we have had. the only reporting station that made it to the ground is santa rosa but you can see a lot of radar runs in the green and blue which is drizzle to light rain. the showers are moving from west to east. when we get beyond the morning rush they run through the heart of the bay and exit the heart bay in the early afternoon and get ready for showers and
6:30 am
thunderstorms this evening and overnight. sue? >> we go do a shot of the bay bridge and traffic is moving nicely. we have metering lights on and backing up behind those but on the upper deck you can see traffic is moving nicely with a few brake lights but a nice ride on the western portion of the span. this is highway 24, moving westbound the headlights through lafayette and headed to the tunnel. you are busy with company but moving nicely. 680 from 24 toward the dublin/pleasanton interchange less than 20 minutes. and highway 24 community is 20 minutes and a good ride from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. >> we have breaking news from southern california, a massive manhunt is underway if a former lapd police officer believed to have shot three other officers
6:31 am
this morning. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the latest on this search. >> the suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous. police know who he is but they do not know where he is. they are searching if him in spar da -- spar da, san diego and imperial county and believed to have shot three police officers this morning a riverside officer was killed. another riverside officer and an lapd officer are wounded. the lapd say the officers were in corona investigating a double homicide from over the weekend. the suspect in those killings is christopher dorner it is believes he opened fire on the officers. ten minutes earlier the officers in riverside were shot the first two victims were shot in irvine on saturday, a 27 and 28-year-old couple. dodger appears to have murdered them in in an act of revenge
6:32 am
against the father who is a retired lapd police officer who became an attorney. he is 6 feet tall and 270 pounds with black hair and brown eyes, he could be driving a 2005 gray my -- nissan pickup trip and is a navy reservist armed and extremely dangerous and implicated himself in the killings of the couple and given threats against several people including members of the los angeles police department. >> thank you, katie marzullo. san jose police are searching for a suspect who escaped from custody by steeling a police van while handcuffed. the 32-year-old anthony sanchez was arrested on drug-related warrants yesterday. sanchez complained of being uncomfortable. he is a large fellow at 275.
6:33 am
so officers linked him with two sets of handcuffs. police say he stretched his arms and got his legs through the cuffed arms and took off in the van. the van was located two hours later a mile away. sanchez was gone. >> the family of discovery -- the family of kevin clings is reacting to new information a man identified as wayne jackson has used a unusual of ailly as -- has used a number of aliases includeing when he moved to san francisco, the name of dan therrien and was known for a history of child molestation young boys, and he should have
6:34 am
been a much stronger suspect back then it seems. >> last week, authorities dug up the garage of his house on masonic and found animal bones they think. >> there is a beach hazard advisory because of larger than expected surf with king sides of 6.235' each morning. crews practiced rescue operations at half moon bay. several people who have drowned in last two months in northern california after being swept away by the sneaker waves which is the origin of the tests. dog owners should not go in the ocean to rescue a pet. dogs are equipped to swim back to shore and people are more apt to ground. >> a proposed labor day grand opening celebration includes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a walk from oakland to san francisco across the bay
6:35 am
bridge letting 125,000 people walking across the span before it opens to traffic. this will be discussed at a public meeting next week and will be closed four days over labor day weekend and will open september 3rd. >> we are taking you live to southern california for a news conference after three police officers were shot and under worked. the suspect is a former lapd liver -- police officer himself. >> i am a sergeant and i have seven officers at the scene. we do not have the people sorted out yet. (inaudible). >> does you think something was going to happen? >> the suspect is christopher dorner a former lapd police
6:36 am
officer and former naval reservist. the search is on a massive search this morning in southern california. we will keep you informed. >> also, they are saying he ambushed two police officers who were stopped at a red light. >> postal service is ready to under saturday delivery. the impact this will have on your magazine subscriptions. >> a cable car stops suddenly and tourists and commuters are not able to get back open. >> the mayo bridge right now shows traffic moving fine and no rain there right now but it is coming. traffic and weather today of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ ♪ undeniable ♪ (woman) why walk
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60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ ♪ building up from deep inside ♪ it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪♪ a >> want to help me track the rain with live doppler 7 hd? tweet me and let me know if this
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is hitting the ground if your neighborhood including at miller road and valley ford road headed from petaluma road. the leading edge of this is down around novato and south novato boulevard and petaluma to high road in sonoma. the bulk of the rain through 7:00 is in the north bay and it will hit the south bay by noon and expect showers to develop in the evening and overnight hours with thunder and lightning and small hair and snow to 2,500'. >> now, the traffic app to help you navigate this is highway four westbound according to this app, bumper to bumper from highway 4 bypass you are looking at speeds from 15 to 35 miles per hour or below. that is a rough one. it is typical if this time of the morning. the app is free at apple app and google play. otherwise we have slow traffic from walnut creek with brake
6:40 am
lights starting at north main and moving to the 24 junction making your way to 24 or following on 680 southbound and first reports of an accident at lake herman. >> san francisco muni officials are trying to determine why a warning alarm failed when a bolt was truck in the cable track blamed for a cable car accident that sent seven people to the hospital including the gripman and conductor and passengers. we were over the scene at powell and washington secrets. this was a sudden stop when the cable car hit 1.5" bolt. a warning alarm should have again off. >> people, time ahead the impact the end of saturday mail service will have on magazine readers around the country. >> live from slay hey on the --
6:41 am
vallejo on the scene of a home invasion where three people
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> breaking news, vallejo police are searching for the people behind an early morning home invasion with reports that someone may have been injured. amy is live in vallejo. >> three people were shot, a mother and in federal 50's and her two adult children. look at the scene, police are still here inside the home gathering evidence the you can see there is an evidence marker right here at the front door. police say two armed men kicked in the door and stormed into the house. the first person they encountered was the daughter in her 20, and she say she was shot
6:44 am
in the finger. her brother who is in his 20's came to try to help her and police say he was shot in the face and then, they met up with the mother who is in her 50's and slow was shot in the hip. this happened on slope street here in vallejo at 3:45 in the morning. officers say they do not know if anything was stolen and they do not know the motive. they know they are looking for two men. that is all of the description they is given us. this just happened. they are not early sames of the investigation. two people on the lose, three people taken to the hospital. the victims are all expected to survive. >> 6:46. president obama spoke of matters of faith at the 61st national prayer breakfast this morning providing a venue for him to deliver the first major remarks to a gathering of religious and
6:45 am
community leaders since announcing support for gay marriage last may. the president did not focus on that, he talked about faith with equality. >> all americans, men and women of different faiths, and those of no faith that they can name are nevertheless joined together we in common purpose believing in something that is bigger than ourselves. >> the event is sponsored by the evangelical fellowship foundation. >> a deal to create a new airline giant is in the works. sources say a merger between american and us airways is worth more than $10 billion. the "wall street journal" reports after a year of talks they are hashing out the last major details. american debut add new logo and paint scheme a few weeks ago that some say was a sign the deal was good to go.
6:46 am
the sky year will retain the american airlines name and be based out of texas. >> fallout from the end of saturday delivery from the post office. we told you of the impact on netflix, forcing more customers stream their movies. publishers of magazine like to deliver issues on fridays and saturdays to give readers a chance to catch up. now you can get them a year earlier. microsoft is going after google, launching a new campaign today urging customers to stop using google gmail over privacy concern. microsoft says google scans every word of user e-mails to taylor ads to users. google argues that advertising keeps services free. microsoft campaign includes tv and print and online ads. >> this time for valentine's
6:47 am
day, california is a good place for restaurant romance. >> visa is pocketing the change as more reach for plastic. >> good morning. did you run up the big credit card deal over the holidays? visa is reporting a 25 percent profit jump last quarter. someone is charging. consumers did use credit and debit cards more often. visa shares are down and some announced downgrading the stock this morning. wells fargo lost its place at the most valuable bank ask now number two as chase shares rise recovering from the financial crisis. quiet open this morning so an extension of what we saw yesterday in the mark oats and jobless claims were down by 5,000, mostly holding steady compared to last week. we are lower across the board
6:48 am
but not by much. the silicon valley index is trading a bit heighter this morning. healthy men use are good for the the waistline with improved sales and traffic growing 11 percent over those chains compared to 15 percent decline there those not serving low-calorie. feeling romantic? we have valentine's day upon us and california is a hot spot for romance, and your state has four of the top 25 most romantic cities. san diego and pasadena and santa monica looking at what customers said about the mood and the number of reservations if two and the percent of those who dine out on valentine's day. >> it is now 6:50. >> i avoid valentine's dinner, you do not get service because
6:49 am
the restaurantses are so busy. >> that is personal. >> mike, don't say anything, only trouble. >> let's go outside, come on at mount tamalpais it is raping at 2,600' as the clouds are hanging and. around petaluma, down to novato boulevard, those areas are getting way as is sonoma and you can see santa rosa, not raining there, it will be soon, and the better radar is here and to the west of santa rosa and moving west to east but the initial line, this is starting to sink to the south with the cold front that will bring us rain this morning, showers this afternoon stronger showers tonight with mountain snow possible,
6:50 am
lightning and thunder and small hail in the valley and dry and warmer. now, how this pans out you can see the clouds and the rain with the cold front moving through until 9:00 moving through the heart of the bay from 9:00 to noon to the south bay at noon hour and exiting by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 and a break and the secondary impulse comes down and you can see the scattered showers in the evening and the overnight hour with snow level down to 2,500 feet so mountains could get a dusting of snow and tomorrow morning, a few scattered showers and most of the heavy rain well down to the south for the or commute and you can see in the afternoon we will have sunshine and a few clouds and the evening, do not worry as far as putting the umbrella away grab a heavy coat. our king tides occur in the morning today, tomorrow, and
6:51 am
saturday. it will be most dangerous. low-to-mid 50's today and tomorrow and mid-to-upper 50's through the weekend and upper 50's to 60's with sunshine and dry weather monday, tuesday and wednesday. sue? >> the san mateo bridge eastbound direction, the reverse commute, reports of a car fire with emergency lights going on there on right shoulder and it is eastbound 92 before the high-rise and it could affect the westbound drivers with rubbernecking going on because i am seeing brake lights on the flat section of the bridge. the upper deck of the bay bridge is looking good and you can can see brake lights and there is a delay at the toll. busy southbound 101 through san rafael with an accident in danville area southbound 680. >> five things to know before you go. >> the morning news
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> as we get ready to hand it off to "good morning america" this morning here are five things to know. one, breaking news from vallejo, police are investigating an early morning home invasion. >> three who lived in the home were shot and taken to the hospital. all are expected to survive. police are looking for two suspects. >> two, breaking news from southern california, three police officers have been shot one fatally. two of the officers remain ambushed at a red light. a massive manhunt is underway for a suspect a former lapd officer, christopher dorner wanted for retaliation killings for a couple on sunday. three, a beach had -- hazards in affect because of king tides and sneaker waves.
6:54 am
four the san jose mayor will deliver the state of the city talk and talk about the need to restore pay to worker who underwent cuts to balance the budgets. >> boeing will perform a test flight to examine the 787 dreamliner's batteries. there will be an updated investigation into the fleet with the test flight from texas washington and ordered to land immediately if there are any problems. >> we have rain here today, so will that us cause airport delays? >> it might, the low ceiling more than anything. as the rain moves in to the south bay and heart of the bay, oakland, san francisco, and to san jose we could see delays so we have our flight tracker at bottom. santa rosa down to petaluma, we have the best radar returns on zones of sandy point.
6:55 am
notice the system is moving to the south. expect rain during the morning to early afternoon hours. there will be scattered showers in the evening and overnight. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 50's. sue? >> back to the bay bridge with metering lights on with an early accident at the toll plaza that is cleared. traffic is moving on the upper deck with brake lights. on the san mateo bridge we have a car fire eastbound reverse direction before the high-rise and getting busy westbound with the brake lights on the causeway and a look at the mass transportation it buses for the bay link ferry. >> we continue in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" this morning. >> more on the southern california manhunt you can check with and follow us on twitter as well.
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good morning, america. breaking news in the west. massive man hunt for a former cop on kaling spree in california. three dead. is he targeting police officers and their fam state police why the authorities think their suspect is hell-bent on revenge. breaking right now, what
6:59 am
could be the biggest snowstorm in a decade. bringing with it more than two feet of snow. on track for the northeast, right now. 14 states under winter warnings. four states on blizzard watch. sam is tracking it all. and breaking this morning, jackpot. the golden ticket for almost $250 million for last night's huge powerball lottery. we'll tell you where the winner is, right now. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ >> good morning. our big announcement about robin. she's been setting her alarm clock earlier every day. joining us at the studio behind the scenes to get back in the morning groove. her doctors say she's ready. and we can't wait. when is she back on "gma"? we'll tell you this morning. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪
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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 11, America 6, Riverside 4, California 4, Washington 4, Christopher Dorner 3, John Brennan 3, Katie Marzullo 3, Google 3, Sonoma 3, Iran 3, U.s. 3, Boeing 3, Camry 2, Kevin Collins 2, Kristen 2, Sanchez 2, Valentine 2, Obama 2, Susan G. Komen 2
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